How do I join this unique and fun-loving group of awesome women?

Joining our chorus is not as hard as you might think!

The Magic of Manatee accepts new members on an ongoing basis.
If you are a woman of any age who loves to sing and perform, and have lots of fun doing it, then you are just the person we're looking for!  

Can't read music?  Don't worry, many of our members started that way.  If you can carry a tune and you have a willingness to learn, you can qualify to sing with us.  At every rehearsal you will receive top quality vocal and musical instruction.  You will also be provided with learning tracks (recordings of someone singing your part) of every song to help you learn your music. Before you know it you'll be on your way to becoming the singer and performer you knew you were always meant to be! 

Don't live in Florida year round?  No worries! You can still be a member if you live in Florida for only part of the year. The minimum amount of time you need to be here is six months.  Of course, both you and the chorus benefit when you are able to stay longer (plus, you know we'll miss you when you're gone)!

Don't know which voice part you would sing?
That's okay! We'll help you figure it out! Barbershop singing is a little different than what you might be used to. There are four parts in barbershop harmony, tenor, lead, baritone and bass. In barbershop singing the melody is consistently sung by the lead in about the same range as an alto. The tenor's range is similar to a first soprano. The baritone sings in a harmony part which is in the same voice range as the lead. The bass is the lowest voice in the chord with a range that is similar to that of a second alto or contralto.

Visit a rehearsal!

If y
ou are interested in joining our chorus, sitting in on one of our rehearsals is the best way to find out what our chorus is all about.
When you first visit, somone will listen to your voice to help you determine what part you sing. Then, if you're game and ready to join in the fun, we'll place you on the risers with a guest book next to someone that sings the same voice part.  If you'd rather just watch, that's fine too!  No pressure.  We want you to have fun!  While you're here, pick up a membership packet and talk with our current members to find out what they love most about being a part of the Magic of Manatee. 


Our chorus meets every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

Our current rehearsal space is at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 6311 3rd Ave West, Bradenton, FL 34209.  
Who do I contact if I have more questions?
For more info about attending a rehearsal or becoming a member please contact our Membership Chair, Jan Morey: 443-377-1054,


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